6 Feb 2010

shamshan sadhana

Dear Friends,


Today our discussion topic is – Shamshaan Sadhna

By explaining about the Shamshaan Sadhna – Sadgurudev had told that this Sadhna is not something to be feel like Inferior or at a low level but this devotion is somewhat so much powerful that it relieves a person from all the 8 traps of his miserable life…and when a person devotes in a Shamshaan (which is known as a Graveyard in English) feels fear free from all sorts of fear and gets so much confident that he can roam anywhere in the world without any fear and the good & the evil spirits becomes his followers by which a person can accomplish any work…But this is a different fact the persons with weak will power are not eligible for these type of devotions…

When a devotee takes an oath in front of his IDOL then he needs to this devotion anyhow without fail…In Tantra, no one can run from the fear nor can it be push backwards but the fear is being accepted and needs to be win the same.Pls.remember, if you are able to complete the devotion once in a graveyard you are able to win all yours – Fear, Anxiety, Hate, Possessiveness, etc...will automatically gets finished off in front of you…

The feeling of a prosy / dull attitude towards life & its experience gets into a mind after this devotion and in the 5 shrines of a Tantra System this is one of the types which are necessary to follow… This is what a preliminary practice of a “Shyam Sadhna from Prakarantar” after which only Sadgurudev teaches the most deep and hidden learnings & provide the Key of these processes…Then why not to learn & accomplish all these learnings from the Sadgurudev and rise the Pride flag to the highest point of these processes…Yes, but do remember one more important point that this devotion must be done in the proper guidance of Sadgurudev only…

Types of Shamshaan – There are 10 types of Shamshaan which are - Safeda,Yamdand, Sukiya,Fuliya, Haldia,Kamedia, Kikdiaa,Michmich iya,Silsiliya, Piliya….These 10 names belongs to those powerful spirits who rise their powers by the aggressive chants done by you while the Shamshaan Sadhna…By the powers of these Spirits only, in the loneliness of the Shamshaan - abhichar karm,bhoot-pret, pishach,betal, bhairav mantra etc.gets accomplished…

The master or the Principal of the Shamshaan “Dhhomra Lochan” resembles like – A Tawny body with a fearful body posture with long & thick hairs;Vajra & Pash in his hands with a leather wearing waist and bare foots…The favourite food of his – Evil bodies and the cooked flesh from the ash flames…

In Shukla Paksh (Influence of the Bright Half of the Lunar Month) & Krishna Paksh (Influence of the Dark Half of the Lunar Month) – the tithi – 4th & the 8th and the 15th & 30th day of the Tuesday & the Saturday are considered as the good days for these devotions…

Various types of fruits, veg & non veg.items as per the convenience is being present…While entering into the Graveyard, the master / guru seeks permission from the “Ganesha – Batuk – Yogini” & the dead spirits and salute all the powerful souls of the graveyard and starts the devotion by taking his position – he worships and place “Shamshanadhipati” in the East direction, Bhairav in the South, Kaalbhairav in the West & Mahakaal in the North & donate all the sacrificial offerings to all by enchanting holy mantras…if he is using the ashes of the dead body then he has to give offerings to the “Kaalratri, Kali & Mahakali” by using the powerful mantras…Afterwards, he offers a BALI (juggernauts) in front of “Bhoothnath” and create a defence / protection circle around him by enchanting Veerardan Mantra…

Do remember, after this much process the devotee himself becomes a powerful form of a “Bhairav” and no hindrances can stop his way…Now the devotee is ready to complete all the devotion process as per the instructions & the particular chants (Mantra)given by his Guru and fulfil all his work accordingly…All the below devotions are the main Devotions under the Shamshaan Sadhna – Aghor Sadhna,Kaal-bhairav Sadhna,Shamshaan Jagran Sadhna,Asan Khilne ki Sadhna, Ugra Kali Sadhna,52 Bhairav Sadhna,Mahaugra Tara Sadhna,Shamshaan Kali Sadhna,Marghat Chandi Sadhna,Tantrik Shatkarm…besides this, there is one more devotion which is very important and is known as – “Veer Sadhna”…

The very amazing fact is that when these devotions are conducted in a soft form it will take a long time but when the same gets completed in Shamshaan,it gets accomplished at a very rapid state and in a less time…

But as a matter of fact, in today’s context the things for a Devotee is not an easy task as the surrounding environment is not favourable and the Social Law & Orders are too strict hence he is not able to accomplish all the things very easy…but of course, this is the only blessings of our Sadgurudev that he has already taught so much to his students that they are able to conduct all these devotions in their own devotion rooms without any fault and there is no need to worship and devote in the Shamshaan…and with the help of all these spiritual powers makes the life so smooth and happy…

And, this is possible by taking the divine convocation of “Mahakaal Diksha” from the Sadgurudev by which the Sadgurudev will laid “Maha Shamshaan,it your own body and lit the immortal powerful Chita in your soul and the body due to which all the planetary lack gets burned off of the devotee.

After this, there is no need to go and worship & to conduct all the processes in the Graveyard but you can conduct all the same in your own devotion room as per the Blessings and the instructions forwarded by the Sadgurudev…

Now, if still by knowing all the facts, we will sit just by folding hands no one else can change our fortune….and it is also a saying that – God also helps those who helps themselves & I think “A Hint is very much enough to the Intelligent”….

Thanks & Rgds…



  1. my mail id is rajpal.singh1983@gmail.com. i m really desperate to learn.. i have vistited the samshan many a times but due to absence of any uru i m unable to get any result .. i wud be very thankful to u if u suggest me any guru.. i m from west bengal ...

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